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one sided a current affair

i have bin watching some youtube videos about the anti hoon laws from a current afair and i think they are being very one sided. they are giving videos from there point of veiw and not letting the car enthasiest or “hoons” have there say in the matter. there is one video were acurrent affair was filming a subaru wrx without premission then when the driver got angry the strated labeling him a thug. they have no video evadence that he was driving like a hoon they have no right to lable him as one. when the driver finally got them to pull over he was upset as you can tell he asked them why they were filming his car when the presenters from a current affair just ignored him and put there windows up. when they tryed explaining there side of it a current affair didnt want to know about it. here is the video from a current affair.

as a self confesed car enthausiest i have found a video that diplays what we do alot better then what a current affair have. this is a cruise group in canberra we are not hoons. it is a social group who all have a common intrest we love to moddify and do up our cars to make them the best they can be its a passion. the police and a current afair dont seem to understand our point of veiw on the whole action. we do nothing illegale then maybe modify our cars abit far that is all we dont go doing burn outs on public streets we just enjoy meeting up checking out some nice cars and cruising and we are geting the bad name of “hoons” which i think is wrong. we dont deserve that name.


these drivers are hoons and should be labeld as hoons .. they shouldent be on the streets.

this is a quote from one of the police officers on one of the videos i have watched.


another problem we have is our cars getting defected. a current affair also has done a very onesided video on this subject labbeling the car enthausiest as bad people. this is the link to the video from a current afair that i think is so wrong. they are pulling the drivers over under false pretences. tricking them that they are geting pulled over for a random breath test then there cars are gettiong completely turned over and in one case they couldent even get the make and modle of the car correct.  if they cant do that how can we trst that they will defect us on the correct problems.






It is here:


All the other assessment tasks for this unit will be placed on this blog too.

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